The following Dude Ranches and Guest Ranches offer some
sort of fishing for their guests. If you wish to fish some and not
ride a horse the whole time, these ranches can meet that need!
Visit Free Rein Guest Ranch in Bridge Lake, BC Canada


     Stagecoach Trails Guest Ranch
     Tanque Verde Ranch
     Circle Z Ranch
     Rancho Los Banos Adventure Guest Ranch
     Sprucedale Guest Ranch
     Hideout Ranch


     Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort
     Hunewill Guest Ranch
     Marble Mountain Ranch
     Greenhorn Creek Guest Ranch
     Coffee Creek Ranch


     Tarryall River Ranch
     Sundance Trail Ranch
     Bar Lazy J Guest Ranch
     Home Ranch
     Tumbling River Ranch
     Colorado Trails Ranch
     Waunita Hot Springs Ranch
     Vista Verde Ranch
     Harmel's Ranch Resort & Spa
     Rainbow Trout Ranch
     Cherokee Park Ranch
     Wind River Christian Guest Ranch
     Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch
     Drowsy Water Ranch
     Lost Valley Ranch
     Elk River Guest Ranch
     Coulter Lake Guest Ranch
     Black Mountain Ranch
     The Broadmoor's Ranch at Emerald Valley
     4UR Ranch
     Elk Mountain Ranch
     Laramie River Ranch
     C Lazy U Ranch
     Colorado Cattle Company


     Western Pleasure Guest Ranch
     Diamond D Ranch
     Red Horse Mountain
     River Dance Lodge


     Wolf Lake Ranch Resort


     Bucks and Spurs Guest Ranch


     Blacktail Ranch
     63 Ranch
     Sweet Grass Ranch
     Hawley Mountain Ranch
     Mountain Sky Guest Ranch
     Rocking Z Guest Ranch
     7 Lazy P, Deep Canyon Ranch
     Lone Mountain Ranch
     Lonesome Spur Ranch
     Parade Rest Guest Ranch
     The Resort at Paws Up
     Deep Canyon Guest Ranch
     Bar W Guest Ranch on Spencer Lake
     Triple Creek Ranch
     The Ranch at Laughing Water
     McGinnis Meadows Cattle & Guest Ranch
     Covered Wagon Ranch
     The Ranch at Rock Creek


     Rowse's 1+1 Ranch

New Mexico

     Los Pinos Guest Ranch
     Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch
     Creek Ranch LLC

North Carolina

     Clear Creek Ranch


     Long Hollow Ranch

South Dakota

     Triple R Ranch
     Ghost Canyon Ranch


     Rocking L Guest Ranch
     Dixie Dude Ranch
     Mayan Dude Ranch
     BlissWood Bed and Breakfast Ranch
     The Sugar & Spice Ranch


     Rockin' R Ranch
     Zion Mountain Ranch
     Sorrel River Ranch Hotel & Spa Resort


     K-Diamond-K Guest Ranch
     Bull Hill Guest Ranch


     Lazy L&B Ranch
     CM Ranch
     Eatons' Ranch
     Bitterroot Dude Ranch
     Paradise Guest Ranch
     Red Reflet Ranch
     7D Ranch
     Goosewing Ranch
     The Ranch at Ucross
     Moose Head Ranch
     Crossed Sabres Ranch
     Diamond 7 Bar Guest Ranch
     Spotted Horse Ranch
     Vee Bar Guest Ranch
     The Sugar & Spice WY Ranch
     Red Rock Ranch
     Deer Forks Ranch
     Gros Ventre River Ranch
     The Hideout Lodge and Guest Ranch

CANADA Ranches

     Siwash Lake Ranch
     Three Bars Guest & Cattle Ranch
     Campbell Hills Guest Ranch
     Tod Mountain Ranch
     Spring Lake Ranch
     Free Rein Guest Ranch
     Chilcotin Holidays
     Big Bar Guest Ranch

MEXICO Ranches

     Rancho Las Cascadas
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Visit Siwash Lake Ranch in BC, Canada